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Ranson Refined Website Launches New Comprehensive Planning Process

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

Ranson residents are encouraged to get involved to help shape the future of their city.

The City of Ranson announces the launch of Ranson Refined, a 10-year comprehensive planning effort, with an all new website rolling out to support it.

The website can be found at

Comprehensive planning is the process by which communities work together to define a shared vision for the future, then set the goals and action steps necessary to realize it. It details community preferences as they relate to growth policy, infrastructure upgrades, transportation, economic development, public services, and natural and cultural resources, creating a roadmap for city leaders and a sense of certainty for residents.

Of particular interest to many, the end product provides a framework for evaluating development proposals as a city grows and evolves. It expresses the community’s priorities, and describes where and how development should occur.

An Online Hub

The website features an overview of the process, news on its latest developments, upcoming opportunities for community input — both online and in person — and supporting materials and plan drafts as they emerge. Residents are encouraged to take a look around, learn more, share information with neighbors, and involve themselves in the process as it unfolds.



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