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Finally, an Adopted Comprehensive Plan

City Council vote caps year-long process.

After a year's worth of work, Ranson's City Council made it official April 9 at a specially called meeting: An adopted Comprehensive Plan to guide the city's growth and development policy for the next decade.

It all began in April, 2023, when the city rolled out its project website, including a survey and an interactive map where residents and business owners could pinpoint their issues and ideas around the city. Thereafter came a series of smaller stakeholder meetings exploring the interests of local businesses, the development community, and adjacent governments, as well as a community open house where residents shared thoughts on the key components of local comprehensive planning — growth and development; transportation and mobility; economic development; city services; and preservation.

An initial draft debuted in October, generating spirited discussions during two open house meetings later that month. Those discussions provided additional clarity and perspective that's reflected in the adopted draft.

The completed plan is now available to download and review.

Download PDF • 62.03MB

Thanks to everyone who helped shape to plan. Your contributions were invaluable.



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