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Final Draft Released for City Adoption Process

Updated: Mar 7

We made it. And we’ve got you to thank.

Eight months into Ranson’s effort to update its Comprehensive Plan, we’ve now arrived at our final draft for review and consideration by the Planning Commission and City Council.

“We’ve learned so much from the community,” said Project Lead Susan Henderson, “and that wealth of input has made for a stronger, more viable plan.”

It all began last April when the city rolled out its project website, including a survey and an interactive map where residents and business owners could pinpoint their issues and ideas around the city. Thereafter came a series of smaller stakeholder meetings exploring the interests of local businesses, the development community, and adjacent governments, as well as a community open house where residents shared thoughts on the key components of local comprehensive planning — growth and development; transportation and mobility; economic development; city services; and preservation.

An initial draft debuted in October, generating spirited discussions during two open house meetings later that month. Those discussions provided additional clarity and perspective which is now reflected in the final draft. That draft is available for review in hardcopy form at City Hall or below as an online download:

What’s Next?

The final draft now makes its way to the Planning Commission and City Council according to the following schedule (subject to change if circumstances require):

Planning Commission

Monday, January 8; 7pm

Ranson City Hall 312 S. Mildred Street

Presentation to City Council

Tuesday, January 16; 7pm

Ranson City Hall

Council Chambers 312 S. Mildred Street

Comprehensive Plan First Reading

Tuesday, February 6; 7pm

Ranson City Hall

Council Chambers

312 S. Mildred Street

Comprehensive Plan Second Reading

Public Hearing and Consideration for Adoption

Date to be announced

Ranson City Hall

Council Chambers

312 S. Mildred Street

Thank you again to everyone who’s contributed to the Ranson Refined process and the success of Plan 2034.



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